Honors Expo showcases students' scholarly research

Honor student presenting poster
Honor student presenting poster
November 21, 2014

Honors Expo showcases students' scholarly research

The 2014 Honors Program Expo was held on Wednesday, Nov. 19 and showcased the scholarly works of 650 EMCC Honor students. Presentation categories included poster, laptop, creative and oral, and were judged by a panel using rubrics-based scoring.The winners of the Honors Expo will be announced to the campus. The top presenters will be attending the Western Regional Honors Conference in Spring 2014.

Nov. 25, 2014
Update:  Winners announced. Heading to Western Regional Honors Conference.

The winners of the fall 2014 Honors Expo who will be representing EMCC at the Western Regional Honors Conference in  Reno, Nevada in spring 2015 have been announed.

  • 1st Place goes to Ciara Garcia for her laptop presentation entitled "Investigation of a Model to Study Biofertilizers" in Andrew Grover's BIO 181 class. 
  • 2nd Place goes to Linh Nguyen for her laptop / poster presentation entitled "Paper-Making Chemistry and its Application" in Dr. Levi Torrison's CHM 152 AA class. 
  • 3rd Place goes to Ethan Apodaca for his laptop presentation "Old and New: Building Strobe Lights" in Pedro Rubio's EEE 202 class. 
  • 4th Place goes to Sierra Ramirez, John Castaneda and Nikki Lopez for their poster board presentation "Mass Spring Oscillations" in Becky Baranowski's MAT 276 class.

The following presenters listed below also deserve to be recognized for their high quality presentations. They will not be heading to the regional conference, but they have earned Honorable Mention:

  • 5th Place goes to William Alexander for his presentation entitled "Gender and Inequality in Politics" in Olga Tsoudis' SOC 212 class.
  • 6th Place goes to Kylee HoodCiara Braganza and Jaime Ruiz for their presentation "The Clash of the Senses: Synesthesia in Art and Animation" in Alex Andews' ENG 101 class.
  • 7th Place goes to Eric Rizo, Brandi Pham, Savannah Owens and Kayla Cathey for their presentation "Taste the Rainbow: Archetypes in Anime" in Alex Andrews' ENG 101 class.
  • 8th Place goes to Jason Chavez, Maria Fuentes, Nicholas Quiroz, Selena Rodriguez and Megan Werner for their presentation "The Rushed Child: When Should Schools Introduce Technology?" in Cheri Hebert's COM 230 class.
  • 9th Place goes to Courtney McDaniel for her presentation "Immersing Language in the Deaf Community" in Steve Peist's CRE 101 class.
  • 10th Place goes to Denny Dao, Noelani Gouveia, Stephanie Ruiz, Alexander Tirado and Randie Turtchin for their presentation "Children: The New Consumers" in Cheri Hebert's COM 230 class.