Maricopa Colleges offer support, guidance to ITT Tech students

September 09, 2016

In response to the recent closings of three ITT Tech campuses in Maricopa County, the Maricopa Community Colleges are offering support, advice, and academic counseling to the more than 1,000 affected students who are in various stages of academic degree or certificate completion.

Because the accreditation processes of the two institutions are distinctly different, the Maricopa Community Colleges encourages former ITT Tech students to contact the Maricopa Community College nearest them to help them navigate their transition, or complete the online ITT Tech Student contact form. Doing so will ensure that each student will receive individual attention and academic advisement. In this process, enrollment specialists will help students navigate academic program selection, transcript review, and financial aid needs.

“Navigating a change in colleges and academic programs is complex and can be frustrating for students who don’t know where to turn,” said Chancellor Maria Harper-Marinick. “As community advocates for education, we feel the best service that we can provide at this time is individual attention so that each student can find a Maricopa Community College degree or certificate program that’s right for them. What matters most is that we provide the support these students need in order to meet their academic goals.”

Details of the enrollment and advisement process for displaced students will be finalized in the weeks to come. Students who complete the ITT Tech Student contact form will be contacted within approximately seven business days.