New edition of Mariposa Literary Review showcases student creativity

August 14, 2017

The annual review includes poetry and short fiction that highlights students’ talent

Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) is excited to announce the release of the annual Mariposa Literary Review. This thoughtfully-presented anthology not only highlights the creative abilities of EMCC students, but how those skills have developed through their learning interactions with faculty and staff. It also is an opportunity for students and faculty/staff to work together to complete this annual offering, putting an emphasis on the benefits of working in union.

The 2016-2017 anthology is diverse, featuring poetry, playwriting, fiction, creative nonfiction, and original artwork from students from across the college. Working in these subgenres of creative fiction and nonfiction, individual talents are showcased. Whether emotional, humorous, or imaginative, it is a fascinating look at each student’s creative abilities.   

This year’s first-place winners of the Mariposa Literary Review include Makenzie Sparks (fiction), Marissa Figuero (poetry), Yasmin Ruiz (nonfiction), and Merritt Zamboni (visual art). Other winners include Moriah Giesbrecht, Fallon Apodaca, Spencer Clark Hall, Alex D. Feldt, and Letor Kpee. Published works were selected by a juried review of the work by college faculty and staff. The awarding judge Mary Sojourner, a published novelist, selected the winners. Among her many writing accomplishments, Sojourner is the author of three novels. She has also devoted much of her life to activism, with a focus on community and environmental issues.

May of the students from EMCC’s Creative Writing program, overseen by English faculty Dr. Carlotta Abrams, and fine art classes, contribute to the literary review. Abrams represents the creative writing area throughout the district and coordinates literary efforts at EMCC. The 24-credit certificate program teaches courses in poetry, fiction, creative and personal writing, and playwriting. Abrams also works with faculty, staff, and members of the community to bring literary figures to campus, allowing students, faculty, staff, and members of the community to become familiar with a diverse roster of writers and creatives.

Published students, as well as faculty and staff involved in the production of the Mariposa Literary Review, are happy to share their experiences about creating and publishing this annual compilation of work that celebrates these talented students. Please use the media contact information above for quotes or any further information about this annual review.