EMCC Student wins $20,000 towards start-up business

April 12, 2018

On March 26, 2018 student Ronnie Ruiz along with five other students from different Maricopa Community Colleges presented their “Big Pitch” at Grand Canyon University each with their own individual business idea but only one would win in the $20,000 prize that would help as an investment towards their start-up business.

Hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation, students delegated by their college were entered to compete in “The Big Pitch” challenge. Students went through weeks of instruction from different sales and business professionals that would help build their pitch. Each lesson covered different areas of business management like target customers, market size, revenue models, and market strategies.

Ronnie Ruiz, from Estrella Mountain took on this challenge and made us proud when he proposed his business, Kustom Tyres and Supplies (KT&S) and won. Offering a variety of colors, sizes and patterns KT&S specializes in converting black-wall tires into custom work. In Ronnie’s words, “I saw a need and knew there was something I could do to fill it”. Ruiz will now be supported by CEI in reaching his goal of $100,000 in revenue along with winning the $20,000 cash and services prize for having won the competition.

For more information, contact Amanda Mollindo at [email protected] or 602-286-8947.